The NeuraSonic approach to well-being is very new.

Health seems directly related to our capability to listen to the outer world as well as to our inner world, and to tune in one or the other, at will.

Although it builds on years of previous development, NeuraSonic brings ease of use and simplicity of access to customized online programs that can be listened directly from a laptop, a tablet or a phone through regular headsets and speakers.
Access is based on a subscription. 

NeuraSonic enhances the regulation of the nervous system through a very complex retraining program based on Mozart music and Gregorian Chants. 

We are in Beta: 

Feel free to contact us at if you are interested in learning more about our approach or test drive it.

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NeuraSonic, Nervous System and breathing

Were you aware that many people in fact over-breathe (hyperventilate), and all too many believe that deep breathing is one of the best ways of stimulating the PNS when in fact it stimulates the SNS, the stress response ?!

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  • Is NeuraSonic for everybody?

    Yes. Not only that: some of the sets have also been tuned for specific needs such as hearing loss, tinnitus or lack of energy.

  • Is NeuraSonic for the hearing impaired?

    Yes. We have also taken into account the hearing capabilities. We are currently offering sets for hearing loss or tinnitus. Please, be aware we are not currently offering hearing tests online, and until then, it would be good for each patient to use their own appreciation for their hearing loss. 

  • Is it dangerous if I stop listening to the program and do not go until the end?

    Yes and No.  The programs are intended as a whole, but you can always stop the program at the end of a week of listening. There is no detriment or damage done by stopping the listening. However, for some people, the very high frequencies might bring a lot of emotions. If it is the case, check with your guide or Olivier before making your decision. Whenever you decide to get back to listening, you can go back where you left it at, or you can start from the beginning, whatever feels best.

  • Is NeuraSonic better enjoyed in a quiet environment?

    Yes. It is recommended to listen to the sessions in a quiet environment with limited distractions or external stress.

  • Are the NeuraSonic sessions specifically designed to be listened to only through headphones?

    No. You can listen to the files on speakers, headphones or earbuds. However the higher the quality of the equipment, the more profound the experience will be.