The NeuraSonic approach usually consists of 60 to 100 hours of listening retraining.

You have the option to choose between weekly ongoing sessions, that take place in different locations depending the city where you live, or intensive workshops during the weekend, set in a residential environment.

During the sessions, you can rest, sleep, draw, write, meditate or even exercise while listening to Mozart (no, we don't recommend using your cellphone while the session is taking place, unless it's an emergency).

Seniors usually listen to the music once a week, at their retirement facility, in a group setting playing cards or solving puzzles, or by themselves while, for instance, knitting or playing crosswords. 

A different approach to therapy

“What we do here is of interest to very few people. Most people need teachings, a guru and a tradition to follow. Here there is no such thing. There is no guru, no teaching, and nothing is asked of you. We go home without gaining any competence whatsoever.
Very few people have the capacity, the maturity or the madness to spend so much time on nothing.

But this nothing, at one point, will stay with you forever. You will forget all the teachings you have learned. Later on, you won't be in a condition to apply all the techniques that you practice. All that has been elaborated through a thought process, all that seemed so important before will be inaccessible to you because your brain, your body will no longer allow it. But this essential emotion will stay. It will be with you on your deathbed when all the other senses will have stopped functioning. It is the heart of everything. All else is a distraction. All that you can learn, know, understand, depends on the functioning of your brain; it is superficial.”.

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