What is NeuraSonic ?

NeuraSonic is a sound-based therapy which recalibrates neural pathways through listening to sublimated sonic therapy within multi-frequency soundtracks. Based on research dating back up to 70 years, and now made easily accessible using modern technologies, time-tested NeuraSonic programs recalibrate obliterated and malfunctioning neural pathways, healing blocked and looping psychic patterns lodged in the nervous system.   

Through the process of recalibrating the nervous system, NeuraSonic heals a variety of physical and psychological ailments, accelerating mental strength for everyday mindfulness, movement, and new behavior patterns.   

Neurasonic is known to help people who ‘don’t feel right’, have lost mental and physical powers, Autism, PTSD, birth trauma, and a painful childhood.  

NeuraSonic, optimal neural health for an optimal life.


Olivier De Wulf

President and Founder

Olivier is an Audio-Psycho-Phonologist (APP), trained in Belgium at the Mozart-Brain-Lab in Sint-Truiden and working closely with the APP Switzerland. He holds a PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Liège (Belgium) and a Certificate in Management from the Solvay Business School in Brussels (Belgium). He has been trained as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor at Mount Madonna Institute in California and helps patients get better ayurvedically using lifestyle changes, diet changes and specific kitchen herbs. He is the President and CEO of a startup named NeuraSonic, based in San Francisco (CA). NeuraSonic specializes in developing programs intended on helping with Hearing, Listening and Trauma Integration. Olivier has 2 grown sons who live in San Francisco and Brussels, and one grand-daughter. He loves meeting new people, especially when it relates to APP.


  • Is NeuraSonic for everybody?

    Yes. Not only that: some of the sets have also been tuned for specific needs such as hearing loss, tinnitus or lack of energy.

  • Is NeuraSonic for the hearing impaired?

    Yes. We have also taken into account the hearing capabilities. We are currently offering sets for hearing loss or tinnitus. Please, be aware we are not currently offering hearing tests online, and until then, it would be good for each patient to use their own appreciation for their hearing loss. 

  • Is it dangerous if I stop listening to the program and do not go until the end?

    Yes and No.  The programs are intended as a whole, but you can always stop the program at the end of a week of listening or better at the end of the 6th, 12th, 18th ... week. There is no detriment or damage done by stopping the listening. However, for some people, the very high frequencies might bring a lot of emotions. If it is the case, check with your guide or Olivier before making your decision. Whenever you decide to get back to listening, you can go back where you left it at, or you can start from the beginning, whatever feels best.

  • Is NeuraSonic better enjoyed in a quiet environment?

    Yes. It is recommended to listen to the sessions in a quiet environment with limited distractions or external stress.

  • Are the NeuraSonic sessions specifically designed to be listened to only through headphones?

    No. You can listen to the files on speakers, headphones or earbuds. However the higher the quality of the equipment, the more profound the experience will be.


“We are continually grateful for what you've done for our dad. He continues to be more social, more engaged and more empathetic to those around him! He still lives in constant pain but he is able for moments and even hours to get out of it. This past Friday night we took him to a Christmas concert that lasted almost 2 hours. He sat peacefully and sang along with the singers. Afterwards we went for a late dinner. We are so grateful to you.”

K. P. 's Daughter

“I will say that I have an even heightened awareness in palpating prenatal and early developmental trauma and the connections back to the womb. I had an extraordinary session with a client born prematurely. I've worked with her for 15 years. I've been encouraging her to do [the NeuraSonic] classes. I just saw her on Saturday and was explaining that it's not just a weekend but that she could go on a Tuesday or Thursday night.”


“I am a music producer and was hoping for heightened and more accurate hearing that this type of therapy could bring. I soon realized the variety of different ways in which I was positively impacted. One of the first things I noticed was that I was hearing things I normally wouldn’t pay any attention to. My ability to hear for music production did seem to sharpen as well, and my songs were turning out better than before. Overall, the experience was eye-opening.”


“ The listening sessions provoked different sensations and memories for us and Olivier facilitated the process with his special way of being sensitive, delicate, knowledgeable and curious. I am planning to continue attending sessions this year and discussed with Olivier my plan and my goals from the coming sessions.”


“It's hard to tell how [the sessions have] impacted me because my anxiety and self-confidence can't change overnight. But I have noticed a huge difference from the time before I met [Olivier] and now: I have a better grasp on my anxiety and I am able to see the big picture.  Self-confidence is something that has been tough for me, but now my family and friends notice how confident I've become [compared to when I was in] high school.”


“I was just thinking of you and the NeuraSonic therapy. Back in school full swing and just felt a bit overwhelmed and was looking back a year ago and thinking how things have improved!!! How’s the new year treating you?”


“I just wanted to let you know, that some strange frequencies which I never heard through vibration of bones in my my chest, resonating with music or amplified (or just loud) voice, enter my perception now through these bones... A new feeling. Or I never payed attention. I knew as a sound engineer that low frequencies enter that way (bass drum tuning with my own diaphragm), but frequencies above it (200-600 Hz)... weird! Thanks man for starting fixing my ears and soul 😉”

Brian H.

“Thank you Olivier, I missed your usual message! Anyway it’ll be good to see you when you come back! I hope you have some productive training sessions! The whole series done so much good for me! It’s strange really because it seems like very little but that’s just the surface it goes far below that and I can’t quite explain it but it works! ”

Ty (who has been in a bike accident and in a coma for a month)