NeuraSonic offers the very convenient option to listen to the music through exclusive and curated one hour files available for purchase.


The files have been tuned for different demographics and to treat a wide array of issues. 


That way you can listen to the music wherever you are, whenever you want to. 

Available right now for purchase:

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  • ... for everybody? Yes. Not only that: some of the sets have also been tuned for specific demographics such as seniors, adults and families.

  • ... for the hearing impaired: Yes. We have also taken into account the hearing capabilities. We are currently offering sets for no hearing loss or heavy hearing loss. Please, be aware we are not currently offering hearing tests online, and until then, it would be good for each patient to use their own appreciation for their hearing loss. If you are unsure, we would always recommend to start with the higher hearing loss set and progress towards the lower hearing loss or no hearing loss sets.

  • ... set up in a specific order? Yes. Treatments sets are divided in 5 modules. Each module is made of 8 sessions. Each module builds on the previous one and each session builds on the previous one. You would go from Module 1 | Session 1 to Session 8, then Module 2 | Session 1 to Session 8, then Module 3 | Session 1 to Session 8, then Module 4 | Session 1 to Session 8, then Module 5 | Session 1 to Session 4. 

  • ... dangerous if I stop the program? No. The programs are intended as a whole, but you can always stop the program wherever you feel like stopping: there is no detriment or damage done by stopping the listening. Whenever you decide to get back to listening, you can go back where you left it at, or you can start from the beginning, whatever feels best.

  • ... more useful in a quiet environment? Yes. It is recommended to listen to the sets in a quiet environment with limited distractions or external stress. Some sets have been made to be listened to communally (Family Balance Workshop) but most of the others would work best in a calm and protected environment.

  • ... specifically design to listen only through headphones? No. You can listen to the files on speakers, headphones or earbuds. However the higher the quality of the equipment, the more profound the experience will be.

  • ... expensive? No. For only $10/month you can have unlimited access to all our files. Check our NS | Unlimited Access page on Bandcamp by clicking here.



  • I Anger: 
    A very gentle guided approach that allows the need to always be on the go to slowly recede.

  • II Anxiety: 
    A more directive approach allowing the anxiety to recede quickly while leaving space for the concentration to kick in.

  • III Trauma: 
    A very directive approach that will go deeper and touch emotions that have been left untouched for years. It is our most therapeutic set, as far as general open to the public sets.



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A full treatment consists of 40 sessions of 2.5 hours each (150 minutes).

Treatment Options

  • Weekly Sessions on Thursday Evenings (only offered in San Francisco)

  • Intensive Weekend Sessions (offered in San Francisco and Pasadena)

  • Four-Day Intensive Non-Residential Retreats (offered in France, England, Belgium and Germany)

  • Private One-on-One or Family (Up to 3) Sessions. Please send email to for more information.

We also offer customized treatments for conditions of progressive or bilateral hearing loss as well as a program fully dedicated for elderly individuals experiencing heavy anxiety and/or memory loss (typically for those with dementia and Alzheimer's symptoms).

These sessions can be taken either during the weekly sessions that we offer only in San Francisco, the intensive weekends that take place in San Francisco and Pasadena or the four-day non-residential retreats in France, England, Belgium and Germany.

If you are interested in booking a session or checking our calendar, please click here.

5 Third Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94103

Mail:  | Phone: (415) 845-4096

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