“NeuraSonic is sound therapy which involves listening to classical Music (Mozart) and Gregorian Chants, modified by an electronic process based on the work of Alfred Tomatis. It provides a way to interrupt blocked or looping psychic patterns lodged in the nervous system. 

We’ve adapted these original techniques and made them our own, through hours and hours of application, observation and patient feedback.
It’s through the process of disrupting patterns and flow of the nervous system that NeuraSonic allows to address and heal a wide variety, as it shows in subtle changes in everyday thought and behavior patterns. This is why it is beneficial to everyone! For many, it is life-changing!


For maximum benefit, the full treatment usually consists of 100 hours of listening retraining. This consists of 40 sessions over several months. Each therapy session lasts 150 minutes and consists of a check-in, listening and post-listening check-in. These can be done in weekly group sessions, intensive weekend group sessions (if available) or via one-on-one sessions with the guide. Click here for Treatment details

During the sessions, you can rest, sleep, draw, write, meditate or even exercise while listening to Mozart. Or you could play cards, solve puzzles, knit or do crosswords. We don't recommend using your cell phone during the session, unless it's an emergency.


Through the process of NeuraSonic therapy, an expanded and deepened perception results, which may lead you to experience what previously appeared ordinary and routine as now extraordinary and novel. When you have extended your access to the world through increased and more detailed sensitivity, your body image and connection to the world may be refreshed and move away from automatic, allowing you to experience the sensory world more enthusiastically.

A different approach to therapy

“What we do here is of interest to very few people. Most people need either a formal therapist to patient relationships, or sometimes teachings, a guru and a tradition to follow.
Here there is no such thing. There is no true therapist to patient relationship (although we still encourage learning more about what traumas are truly doing to our body and mind, through sharing and guided conversations), no guru who knows it all, no teaching, and nothing is asked of you, except perhaps coming back to the sessions and let emotions and sensations bubble on their own during the almost 2.5 hours listening session.

We go home without gaining any competence whatsoever, if only perhaps the competence of realizing that life should be spontaneous and that the only important guidance is to bring us back to our own inner healer or guide. 

Very few people have the capacity, the maturity or the madness to spend so much time on nothing.

But this nothing, at one point, will stay with you forever. Instead of teaching you how to navigate life without a clue, NeuraSonic slowly but surely allow you to get your own understanding of your own approach to life.


You will forget all the teachings you have learned. Later on, you won't be in a condition to apply all the techniques that you practice. All that has been elaborated through a thought process, all that seemed so important before will be inaccessible to you because your brain, your body will no longer allow it.


But this essential emotion, this absolutely deep connection with oneself and with the universe will stay. It will be with you on your deathbed when all the other senses will have stopped functioning. It is the heart of everything. All else is a distraction.


All that you can learn, know, understand, depends on the functioning of your brain; it is superficial. However, when sensations are just sensations and nothing else, life is fully experienced. 

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